September 2013


After a summer that saw me no rest and relax even less, I am already in September!
However, not everything has gone wrong, this site is giving me great satisfaction, more than 4600 different visitors in August, 9989 visits and 375,364 hits!!
Unfortunately I have great news to show you why I have not cooked in August I had the time to visit new places and new restaurants ... but do not worry I'll just make it fast! I have already planned many ideas, I'll have to prepare a short lunch for about 30 people and more my second child will turn 18 years old and before long I'm going to celebrate it with new dishes!
There are so many friends returning from their vacations they took me to taste delicious foods, delicacies of the countries they visited that definitely deserve in-depth ...
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy this beautiful pumpkin given me by my sister in law:




  A show is not it?
Obviously it is also great for a large family like mine and if the'll cook only in the ways that I know everyone will get tired, you want to help by sending me new recipes made ​​with pumpkin?
Anyone who wants to help can send his / recipe and to my email: