Ottobre 2013

Do you remember the pumpkin that I had given in September?
Various were the recipes or ideas that you sent me but I have not had a chance to try them all. Among those tried this I propose that because of its simplicity and the speed with which disappeared from the dishes I recommend without a doubt. Very few changes I've made only due to my habits culinarie.Mi friend sent this recipe always attentive to detail (this already for me a guarantee) Benedetta thank you in the name of all my family but especially my husband who generally do not like the pumpkin!

I apologize for the bad photos that make the idea of the dish but some son had a blast playing with my camera which is now in need of care!

Paccheri pumpkin and walnuts


1 kg of paccheri


1 kg pumpkin
300 g skinless walnuts
Extra virgin olive oil
Sale q.b.
Cut the pumpkin into cubes.
In a large skillet ( we will need to stir the pasta ) pour the olive oil, garlic , a little 'pepper , the stem of parsley and let fry . When the garlic is golden togliamolo together with the stem of parsley , add the pumpkin, let us go , we cover and cook .
When the pumpkin has issued its own water , take off the lid and let cook to evaporate all the water. The pumpkin must be dry .
We put the nuts in a blender and tritiamole grossly . Conserviamone a small portion and continue to blend with the rest of the half cooked pumpkin before.
Do not overdo it with the blender to avoid becoming a cream, just a few seconds!
We combine the mixture to the rest of the pumpkin.
Bake paccheri in salted water until al dente and still versiamoli in the pumpkin . If you need to add a little of the cooking water to thicken .
When ready sprinkle with the rest of the nuts, a handful of finely chopped parsley and thin slices of cheese (if you do not like it replace it with the Parmesan cheese ) .
Try it and you will be a hit!

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