October 2013


I always think that time is running fast, and instead I found out that I am I want to put so many things to do and so little time it happens, when one event follows another, that I can not keep up with everything.
In mid-September, as I have already told you, I have prepared a quick breakfast for some friends in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Cellammare with great joy and pleasure.
I show you some pictures for you to enjoy the vibe that I lived for environment and food brought us back to magic in the Bourbon period.


Spero vi piacciano!    I welcomed a table like that!  




Just finished this event I started the preparations for the celebration of my daughter who turned 18 years old.
Thanks to the availability of my relatives I was able to celebrate it in a nice house ideal for any type of celebration. The guests present were about 80 and ziapia was a nice work!
My, undemanding daughter, he asked me to prepare for his friends, an aperitif, a quick buffet salty, but mostly wanted the cake so many kinds of sweet and obviously I tried to please her ...
The menu I made with all the recipes on the site, so I'll write because it may be convenient ...
Low-alcohol aperitif accompanied by:




Meatballs with eggplant
Tuna patties
Rustic with sausage
Followed by:
Bocconcini tricolor
Eggplant Parmigiana
Rustic pizza with ricotta cheese
Chunks of pepper
Rice summer (with peppers and eggplant)
Lasagna alla Bolognese
Omelette with white paste
Chunks of cervellatine
Everything offered where possible in single portions.

The cake was the cake "gorgeous" cocoa accompanied by:



Cups panna cotta with chocolate sauce
Sweets chocolate salami
Beads of puffed rice
Sweet balls to mars
A mountain of profiteroles with chocolate
Coconut balls
The "my pudding"
Cheesecake with Nutella
Glasses of tiramisu
Even in this case, almost all in mono-portion.
At this point, while continuing to celebrate (while my first turned 19), I have to focus on the family as many of you know that in this period involves not just us moms.
Books to buy, choice of sport for the coming winter, catechism, school meetings, various bulletins to pay, medical examinations, are to name a few, the commitments that await me and so many of you!



                                       Happy autumn to all!!!!