Febrary 2015

Whether you choose to do the glazed beef just to make ravioli or there is advanced, do these ravioli that are really good!

Ravioli with meat glaze



For the dough:


3 eggs

300 g of flour for pastry


For the filling:


A piece of meat cooked to icing

An egg


A pinch of salt

A few tablespoons of seasoning the meat (or alternatively meat broth, but if you need ...)

Grated Parmesan cheese




for the dough:


We prepare the dough, mix the ingredients well, we form a ball and let it rest covered with foil for 30 minutes in the fridge.


for the filling:


For quantities of the ingredients we should order our lives according to the amount of meat that we will have.

Tritiamo finely the meat, add the egg, a spoonful of sauce, a pinch of salt, pepper and one, two tablespoons of Parmesan. We mix the ingredients well and we see that the mixture is sufficiently homogeneous and humid. If necessary, we can add other seasoning.

An egg just up to 1 kg of meat, not, add some more.




Roll out the dough with rolling pin, must be thin enough but not quite transparent.

Taking measurements with a cutter of the desired shape we place the filling by mixing a small nut and placing it on a regular basis on the pastry. Bathe with a little water the edges of the future, and we cover the ravioli stuffed with other pastry. With hands close the edges, taking care to let the air out. Finally with the cutter give the desired shape. We have a floured tray and at the appropriate time we'll place them in boiling salted water.