November 2013

I'm really interested to find new sauces to accompany my meals . I tried to do so my meatloaf and I assure you that the result was very encouraging. With the bacon is fantastic, with the broccoli I would recommend to remove the mushrooms from vegetables .

In the pictures you will find lli but the recipes I rely on my imagination when I improve the work in progress !


Meatloaf with bacon (or broccoli ) and provolone




500 g of ground beef

200 g of minced pork

One whole egg

250 g of bread crumbs

Two generous tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese


50 ml of milk

A sprinkling of nutmeg

Hopefully breadcrumbs

Flour a handful

Two stalks of celery

two carrots

A medium onion

A handful of porcini mushrooms

100 g of bacon or broccoli stir-fried

200 g of dry provolone

Olive oil

vegetable broth

Half a glass of white wine




We put the bread in water and wait for it to soften .

In a bowl, we put the beef, pork and bread crumbs squeezed and we mix the ingredients well . Add the egg, salt , nutmeg , milk , Parmesan cheese and work it all with your hands until dough is soft but firm . If it is too wet add a little bit of bread crumbs .

Roll out the mixture onto parchment paper, we hit well in the center and put the bacon or broccoli with provolone above.  Helping with parchment paper rolled up the meat giving it the look of classic meatloaf. Let's make sure that the flesh covers the filling well in the flour and pass the meatloaf .

In a large pan pour a little oil and just put the meatloaf hot sealing it from all sides , pour the white wine and let evaporate combine the coarsely chopped vegetables , celery, onion , carrot and mushrooms and cover it occasionally adding a ladle of broth hot vegetable bring to cooking. It will take about an hour.

After cooking we remove the meatloaf from the pan and let rest before slicing . We mix the remaining sauce with vegetables resulting in a velvety sauce that will accompany the meatloaf.