Make pasta at home is simple and great rewards, certainly at the beginning must acquire a little "manual" but remember that the only "trial and error" will give it to you ... So what are you waiting? let's get to work!


Egg pasta

Pasta classic


3 eggs

300 g of flour "0"




3 eggs

300 g of flour "0"

20 g of cooked spinach, drained and finely chopped

Nutmeg q.s.




5 eggs

50 g of tomato concentrate

600 g of flour "0"




5 eggs

500 g flour

A bag of squid ink




2 sachets of saffron

500 g flour

5 eggs




If you do not have recourse to the kneader my advice is to put all the ingredients in a large salad bowl with a fork and begin to break eggs and to absorb the flour. When the mixture will look pretty empty amalgamated everything on the table or better on a wooden base and work the dough until smooth and be very firm (but not hard)

Remember to not put all the flour but to take them a little from the side, not always the eggs have the same magnitude and sometimes it may happen that absorb less flour.

Add flour is always possible, remove it virtually impossible!

We form a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.



And for the amount ???


Here's how you can when settling!


5 eggs generally equivalent to:


650 g of noodles

1.5 kg tortellini

1.2 kg crescents / ravioli

A lasagna or two medium