It is said that the mother is always the "mother" ... and it's really true!

My still following me, at a distance, without almost to point this out, is there, if any, appears as if by magic.

We never had the habit of buying weekly magazines but in the summer it happens that these tadpole house and it is in one of these that mom found the recipe for this cheesecake which is a remake of the classic tiramisu.

"Pia I think that this recipe is to experience" so he said ... and was right!


Try it and you will not be disappointed ...


Cheesecake tiramisu




300 g of chocolate chip cookies

150 g of melted butter

A packet of biscuits

sweetened coffee



500g mascarpone

200 g of fresh cheese

125 ml yogurt coffee

150 g sugar

200 ml whipping cream

12 g of gelatin sheets put in cold water

50 ml of coffee


Cocoa powder to coat the cake




Prepare all the ingredients and let's start from the base. Chopped cookies and add butter amalgamating well. This compound we put into a mold of approximately 24 cm previously coated with baking paper. Cut in two ladyfingers and dipping them quickly in the coffee we place all along the edges. We place the mold in the fridge.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling.

We heat the coffee and add the squeezed gelatine taking care to make her well dissolve.

We mount the cream.

We work the mascarpone in a bowl with the sugar (can also use icing sugar), add the cheese and yogurt. Finally we combine the coffee with the jelly that will now warmed and finally the cream.

Pour into the mold we cover and leave in the fridge for at least 4-5 hours the cake.

In fact the sweet must rest I recommend you do the day before, it is also more comfortable !!!!

Before serving, sprinkle with a good cocoa powder, but do not overdo it!