January 2014 


The idea of this dish I've had watching the program "Masterchef" Australian version. Simple, good and impressive ... try it! 


Mandarin Salad




Hearts of escarole 


A mandarin 

The juice of half a tangerine 

Half carrot 

Small leaves of spinach 

Natural yogurt 


Oil extr. olive 




We wash all the vegetables well. Finely cut carrots and fennel. Peel the tangerine, good cleaning every slice. We combine the olive oil with the juice of the tangerine and salt. Cut the pomegranate and take its seeds. 

We can now prepare the dish. We spread a spoonful of yogurt, we have over the vegetables, a few cloves of mandarin and pour the sauce before. Add some little seed of pomegranate and serve. 

This salad goes well with the fish.