September 2014


When can I use excellent raw materials, I feel a deep joy, the meeting with the products of the earth generates me a state of euphoria that I can not explain, I get kidnapped by the colors, the smells, the textures of products that now too often encounter altered ... and all this creates in me the need to do something to preserve them, to have them available even when the weather does not permit. 

This year in August, I "met" to preserve these magnificent cherry tomatoes and I followed the method taught to me by mom! 


Tomatoes in the bottle



Tomatoes of good quality 


fresh basil 

Water q.b. 

Various sterilized jars 




Thoroughly wash the tomatoes by depriving them of the stalk. We wash well the basil leaves. 

Prepared a base, on the worktop, soft, for example with the dish placed one over the other. 

We fill the tomatoes with half the jar, add a few leaves of basil, a little salt and finish filling. At this point, maintaining the jar closed with the hand on the floor sbattiamolo soft previously prepared, the tomatoes will occupy all the free spaces leaving space that will serve to add other tomatoes. We repeat the process as many times it will be necessary to carefully fill the jars. 

If necessary, add more salt and basil (depend on the size of the container). 

Now fill the jars with water that will cover all the tomatoes and chiudiamoli well. Settle in a large pot all the cans, alternating with kitchen cloths or newspapers, so that in baking not risk colliding breaking down. Cover with water and put the cans on fire. From the moment the water will start to boil let pass about an hour. 

Turn off and let them cool in the water. 

We place the jars in the dark and could keep them jealously for a special dish in the middle of winter!