Apricot jam



1 kg of ripe apricots 

Max 750 g of sugar 




Wash well with plenty of water and let's leave them to dry apricots. 

We remove the cores and some imperfections of the skin. Cut them in pieces not too small. We taste the fruit, as this will depend on the amount of sugar to add, I generally add about 600 g but this will depend on your taste and how sweet it will be the fruit. We do this operation in the evening. We arrange the fruit with the sugar in a saucepan and let the entire night to dissolve the sugar. 

After this time we put the pot on the stove and bring to cooking generally take about an hour per pound of fruit. 

Remember to remove the foam will be formed when the surface because it brings with it all the impurities of the fruit. 

We put the hot jam into jars thoroughly clean, close well. Let the jars upside down tightly wrapped in a blanket and wait for it to cool. 

We place the jars in the dark and consume no earlier than one month.