The desire to wake up in the morning with the smell of freshly baked croissants was one of my desires ... and continues to remain so, because even though this recipe is just right, I always have to wake up to turn on the oven !!!!. 

But cooking is also this, convey love and affection for the people who are around you, ... there's always someone who wants to bring a good news, even at the cost of some small sacrifice, otherwise the news did not arrive! 

A special thanks goes to my dear friend Brunella, excellent cook who gave this recipe and my "my little one" who always gives me great satisfaction !! 


To be precise, are croissants in brioche dough, I'm very sweet! 

If you want to stuff them get jiggy with it, here in me by the chocolate wins. 





130-150 g of yeast 

100 g of milk 

50 g of water 

120 g of sugar 

A teaspoon of honey 

an egg 

250 g of flour "Manitoba" 

250 g of flour "0" 

A pinch of salt 

70 g of butter at room temperature environment 


To decorate: 


A yolk plus a dash of milk or a dash of cream 

Sugar in grains 





We prepare all the ingredients at room temperature, preferably bringing the butter, baking powder and milk. 

After lunch: 

In a large bowl or mixer using the whisk K, dissolve the yeast with the water and milk. Add the honey, egg and sugar. If we work with the mixer whip the change by putting the hook and continue adding flour and a pinch of salt. 

We work the mixture well until all ingredients are well blended, at this point we combine the butter and work energetically. 

Let the mixture rest for 3-4 hours. 

After this time, the dough is risen and ready to form the croissants. 


Before going to bed: 

Roll out the dough into a circular shape, divide the circle into eight triangles and starting from the base of the triangles obtained rolled up the dough.

We have the croissants on a grid-lined aluminum foil and covered with parchment paper. 

Let's put in the oven to shelter from the current and turn on the light of the oven to maintain a constant temperature and to favor the rising. 


In the morning: 

We remove from the oven croissants and turn on the oven between 160 and 180 °. On croissants pass the egg yolk diluted with milk and put the sugar. As soon as the oven has reached the temperature inforniamoli for about 15-20 minutes. The temperature and the cooking time will be agreed with your oven !!! 

Try and try again arrive at the perfect cooking.