November 2014


Sunday was usually spent the day, with my family, at home of his maternal grandmother. What a joy for me!

All helped to make that day a special character.

Dad bought sweets, gave me "Mickey Mouse" (sometimes the "Merchandise"), Mother made fresh pasta, bread grandma!

Getting to grandmother and feel that delicious smell was feeling warm, enveloping, comforting, soothing ... yet I echo the questions that came to me spontaneously:

"Grandma because you've made the cross on the bread? because we can not eat hot? I have a little? "

It was a time when Sunday was regarded by all as a day of rest, as day that broke off the frenetic races, special day when ringing the bells of the churches had a special sound in the general silence ...

Today, Sunday is not so "special", do things ever, the shops are open, the sounds are those of everyday life, often do not prepare more than the "lunch special".

This bread, which follows the recipe is simple to prepare and tastes old. I hope to evoke in you beautiful memories and gifts of harmony and taste to your table!


Brown bread



200 g of yeast refreshed and the maximum rise

500 g flour "O"

500 g of wheat flour

700 g of water

20 g of salt up



Dissolve yeast by adding slowly, slowly the water. Pour the flour, salt, and knead vigorously until dough is smooth and we have worked well, it will be moist and slightly sticky.

We place the dough in the refrigerator covered with a cloth.

Let spend approximately 24 hours, then we remove the dough from the refrigerator and let him for about an hour at room temperature.

Roll out the dough on the table and do the folds before putting the dough on parchment paper giving the desired shape.

We lay in a sheltered place for leavening. We can place it in the oven by turning on the light to have a constant temperature.

Spent 1-2 hours we remove from the oven, turn on at a temperature of about 250 ° and let well riscaldare.Appena the oven temperature will be reached, we do the cuts on the bread and bake having the care of storing a pan with water to the base the oven. After about 15 minutes we lower the temperature to 220 ° and let spend another 15 minutes. We lower still at 200 ° and let cook for another 15 minutes or until there seem ready.