August 2014


This dish I tasted it the first time at my friend's house Gabriella. She and her beautiful daughter are excellent cooks and generous enough to reveal to me this simple but delicious recipe. 

We may consider this an appetizer, a second or maybe a better dish, of course, depend on the doses !!!


Winter Apple and Chicken with basmati rice

 (photos of Sergio Aletta)



350-400 g basmati rice. 

2 medium sized white onions 

4 apples annurche 

500 g of chicken 

Extra virgin olive oil 

Brandy or cognac 




We wash the rice well and pour in boiling salted water. When ready we take away from the water and let him cool down. 

Meanwhile, cut the onions finely and let's put a braise in olive oil. 

Cut the chicken into small pieces and add it to the onions. When it is almost cooked join the diced apples and cover. As soon as the apples have softened pour the liquor chosen by raising the flame. 

Serve by placing on a platter before the rice and then chicken. 

Having the ability you can also create single servings, pretty and highly effective!