Leafing through the magazine "Italian Cuisine" a few years ago I found this recipe really interesting.

"Onions" ricotta

For 6 people 




450 g ricotta 

80 g of cooked ham 

One sachet of powdered gelatine 

2 large leeks 


Worcester Sauce 

Olive oil 

Salt and pepper 


For the accompanying sauce: 


One shallot 


A tomato 

Green zucchini 

Lemon juice 


Oil extr 



Running time approximately one hour plus cooling 




We cut the same length as the two leeks. We cut deep for the length, then wash thoroughly. 

Dissolve the envelope of gelatin in 350 g water. 

We bring to boil a pot of salted water in which the sheaths scotteremo Leek asking the same immediately in the water with the gelatin, finally laying them on a tray covered with parchment paper, slightly overlapping them next to each other. 

Let the ricotta through a sieve combining it with salt, pepper, a little olive oil, a spoonful of jelly and a few drops of Worcester sauce (according to taste) and put in the fridge to thicken it. Meanwhile, cut the ham, parsley and combine with a tablespoon of jelly. 

We have the mixture in a horizontal direction at the center of the rectangle obtained with the sheaths of the leek. Superimpose the ham mixture with the ricotta and helping with parchment paper sleeves fall back leek so that the mixture is right behind getting a pocket from the bottom round and swollen. We place it in the fridge for at least two hours, but we also anticipate a day. Cut into slices vertically in order to obtain many onions. 

Wither thinly sliced ​​shallots in a pan with a little olive oil and green zucchini. Then blend it all with 100 ml of olive oil, salt, lemon juice, Tabasco (according to taste) and parsley. 

Serve the sauce by placing the bottom and placing the onion on the plate opening leaves.