This dish has ancient roots, like ancient are its ingredients.
The shepherds of Amatrice "contented" to dress the pasta with the sauce of bacon and grated pecorino cheese, certain products that they were not lacking.
Various variants which befits this dish but if you are fortunate to have a "good pillow" and Pecorino DOC do not miss the chance to return to the ancient flavors.

The amatriciana


grated pecorino cheese
some peeled
Very little of excellent pork lard (or oil extr)
The amount this time I can not give them to you, it all depends on your taste buds ...

Cut the bacon into small pieces, (the fat must be able to melt without burning) and let's put it in a pan with a small piece of lard or oil. Let melt all the fat slowly, it must become transparent. Add some peeled, originally not put, so be according to your taste. In these photos you can see the version of "Red"because my little love anymore but I assure you that the version just pink is preferred because it enhances the flavor of the bacon and cook over low heat pecorino.Facciamo tomato. Season with salt, pepper and turn off. Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty of salted water. Alziamoli water al dente, let's put them in the sauce and continue cooking, if necessary add a little water to cook the pasta.When you are ready grattugiamo the cheese directly on pasta and serve piping hot



Tomato we have already spoken.
If you like you can sprinkle with a little white wine the pillow
Replace the pepper with chili which in this case will join the pillow
The Amatriciana without tomato as it was originally called "Grice"