Marzo 2013



I just feel strange at this time there are so many changes.

New month , the craziest of all.
New Italy , divided (as always) in three, but with less certainty . We all look forward hoping for a change, but with so much uncertainty , due to too many disappointments ...
Nothing Pope , this time not for a death that makes us sad but have to accept , but for a courageous choice of a humble man conscious of his strength , but that gesture with his forces me (and I think a little ' to all, believers and failed) to stop , to take a deeper look at my "I", because too often " do " without assessing my strength , without having planted strong roots , without believing to the end.
So many changes within my family due to different reasons . An example ?
When you realize that you can not draw more from the bottom of the drying pants smaller home, because now touch the ground ...
When I hear my " greatest" speeches and feel " of a woman"
When I hear , I see , sometimes with astonishment , that we are different , "unique" even if they belong to the same hand
When I cook , and finally not only hear the conflicting opinions of my family, but I am even rewarded!
Only one thing never changes ... arrives in March as my husband begins to complain about the cold, the children always wear shirts read more

We all want to sunshine! 



How does march in my life, so I've proposed ...
At the end of this month will come Easter, a new "transition" that I wish all bring a real change (what your heart desires) in our lives.
I, in the kitchen, I intend to learn to finally do the "Casatiello." I will put track of my progress ...
a hug