May 2013


April is really flew and I was not able to publish what I wanted, what I set for myself ... I hope to remedy this month which immediately started with a summer climate certainly . My family absorbs a long time and takes only a few special occasions to disrupt the entire organization.

Also may be challenging for me ... I already celebrated Elena who turned 16 years , my little John (11 years) is involved in a play for adults and in the end the smallest of the house will make her First Communion ! Will I be able to arrive in June ? ?

The truth is that the time goes really fast, my little ones are growing , they are becoming " big" and also their commitments soar .

I do not therefore promises for this month , follow day by day and let us see what will happen.


But let me tell you thank you again , my little site is still growing ... April ended with 1,304 different visitors , over 200 more than in March. The affection with which you follow me keeps me going and gives me great satisfaction , THANK YOU!