This recipe is Sergio Barzetti that often fascinates me with her ​​recipes simple and highly effective.

Summer Lasagna to parmesan

Ingredienti per la pasta:

2 uova da 60 g

60 g di spinaci

300 g di farina



Frulliamo con un minipimer gli spinaci e le uova. Prepariamo, aggiungendo la farina, la pasta e riponiamola avvolta da pellicola in frigo a riposare per circa un ora.

Roll out the dough with the "Grandma Duck" or with rolling pin, lessiamola in boiling salted water with a bay leaf (caress the hot water with the dough then let it fall so you do not attack). Put it in cold water and this will be rather on a clean towel to dry. 


Wanting to anticipate the work we can place the dough baked on parchment paper wet and squeezed, roll up and store in refrigerator until ready to arrange the dish.
Ingredients for the filling:
2 eggplant cut into cubes and flour
Oil for frying
1 liter of milk
75 g of starch
150 g pesto ready
150 g of grated Parmesan cheese
250 g of mozzarella
200 g cherry tomatoes cut in half datterini


Fry the eggplant and let's put on paper towels. 

Prepare the sauce by heating the milk, add the salt and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Dissolve in a little cold water starch and add it to the hot milk. Let thicken the sauce on the stove, it will take a minute.

 We compose our I rotate. We put the sauce on the bottom, then the dough, the other white sauce,       drops of pesto, some eggplant, a little cherry tomatoes, torn pieces of mozzarella with your hands, parmesan  and we start with the dough. We continue doing so layers. The last layer we leave without cover with pasta.  

We place it in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Serve hot garnished with basil leaves and cherry tomatoes. 


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