July 2013

Finally begin my vacation, now missing a few hours the arrival of the person who helps me in the house ... (after 40 days!)
In this period I have neglected this site a little, but you will understand that after school the management of the house with six children "free" is complicated, plus the 4 I had another challenge in the kitchen. This time I lost but I was also happy because I "played" with a friend who I respect very much and for which I will continue to root for.

Cooking in a kitchen of a restaurant, and especially cooking for many people who are to be served at the same time is definitely challenging and I noticed that the real difficulty lies in serving dishes "good" when you have large groups. Easily the amount may lead to error ...
Another thing I learned is that I have to trust more than myself.
It happens to you to continue to learn? As a girl I could not wait to grow up and now that they are now "big" I realize that I still have very little experience and that life teaches me day after day ...
Enough with serious thoughts, I wish you a happy rest wherever you are and if you are lucky enough to visit new places, do not forget to sample the cuisine "local".