One thing I've seen done by my mother from a young age are the jams , I remember that I brought to school for snack bread and jam, and in my afternoon snacks there were made ​​juices from her. Mom has a penchant for preserving it made ​​of all kinds, today do not always have the strength to prepare them but he knows that I like to follow in his footsteps and then this year it went up to Maddaloni to buy cherries " untreated " and was taken directly to my house!

Cherry jam

Lemon or cinnamon
For doses we can consider , for each pound of cherries which the seeds , about 700 g of sugar. My advice though is to try the fruit is already sweet because if we can also reduce the sugar to 500 g . Be careful not to cut too much sugar you need in any case to preserve the fruit .
Thoroughly wash the cherries and let's leave them to drain. We remove the kernels and we put in a saucepan. Add sugar.
At this point, according to our taste , or we can choose to add the peel of a lemon and the juice


or a sprinkling of cannella.Lasciamo rest for at least six hours, I let rest overnight. Mix well,  we remove the lemon peel and we put on the fire. As soon as you form the "foam" and let us take LET'S KNOCK,  lasciamoand let cook for about two hours on low heat, stirring occasionally.

Attention to cooking, it remains generally very liquid that does not seem to congeal, however once cold hardens!

Put it in hot jars thoroughly clean, chiudiamoli and could keep them on the contrary, close to each other in a blanket for them to cool gradually. Consume no earlier than one month, jams must rest.