The idea for this dish came to me by consulting various recipes on the net, unfortunately I could not find the source and I can not quote it.
Do you have a slice of yellowtail and want to cook it in a tasty way? Do you like tasting a dish soft feel a crisp contrast?
Try it's yummy!

Slice of amberjack with almonds and cherry tomatoes

1/2 onion, finely chopped
2 tablespoons chopped almonds with a knife
10 cherry tomatoes cut into half and seeded
chopped parsley
Gaeta black olives
Capers of Pantelleria
2 slices of yellowtail
1/2 cup white wine



We put in a pan a little olive oil, onion, almonds and we put on the fire.


As soon as the onion is well browned add the slices of yellowtail, let sear the fish on both sides, add the olives, capers and then sfumiamo with wine.Let evaporate, put the tomatoes, add salt and pepper and wait just long enough to warm and soften the tomatoes. Serve the steaks hot.