This sweet little I saw him prepare by Anna Moroni, I liked it and I'll propose.

Delight rice



100 g of rice
100 g of sugar
3 egg yolks
500 ml of milk
250 ml of fresh cream unsweetened
5 sheets of gelatin
2 apples
One tablespoon of butter
A little cherry liqueur
2 sticks of vanilla to combine milk




We prepare all the ingredients, assemble the cream, put the sheets of gelatin in cold water, cut the apples into small cubes, pour the rice in boiling water for 2 minutes, just long enough to take a little starch and we heat the milk. 

Pour the rice in 300 ml of warm milk with butter and cook well, the milk should soak and let cool.
Bathe the apples with the liquor. We prepare the remaining hot milk with the custard. Mix well the egg yolks with the sugar, combine the milk and continue to turn until the spoon is sailing (do not get to boil!), We remove from the heat and add the gelatin squeezed. Let the cream cool.

As soon as all preparations have cooled join the rice custard, apples drained 

 turn right and whipped cream pour into a pudding mold or donut, oiled and lined with plastic wrap. We place the mold with the mixture in the fridge for at least three hours. When ready we take the mold and decorate as we like using cherry jam or cherry.