February 2013
Well, well, are increasingly happy with this site and how fondly you follow me ...
This month is one of the sweetest of the year and aided by the cold

 it will be hard for me to be able to keep the line ... lately between dinners and various tests in the kitchen "leaven", but how can you resist pudding, chat, ladyfingers, lasagne and pies various accompanying the Carnival? Not to mention the sweetness that generally consume with Valentine's Day!

My goal for this month will be to make delicious biscuits ... I have a few recipes to try, and of course we'll let you know if the end result will satisfy me, the recipe that I consider better ... otherwise? I will tell you frankly retiring to your pastry confidence!!
In the first part of this month I'll be, like any mother, engaged in the preparations for the various masks that children, teens and adults at home, will have to wear. Last year, my husband and I, we dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and

  we attended a great party! This year I have not decided yet, but just this part before the feast, preparations, give me joy and enthusiasm! 

The children are very excited and can not wait to wear the clothes and I look at them with a different look, now they are growing and almost feel the sadness of not having small children for home ... The boys while they know they have to attend parties, fantasize about how to dress, but as always, do not turn on and I already know that last moment will want to capture all my attention and help me to be perfect for the fashion show finale!
Good luck to all!