The feast of All Saints is presented November wishes to all of you who follow me and you're really a lot ! !


Here in Naples , the air is still mild , open the window this morning was really a pleasure , there are many things that should not be in this beautiful city , but the weather we could not ruin it , thankfully.

This is the ideal time for trips "out the door, " our coast is wonderful in this period but also time to remember with a visit or a prayer in addition, our loved ones who have already ascended to heaven .


For the first time in October I did a cooking class in children's friends of my daughters and I enjoyed it very much because I found out that they are careful , accurate , interested enough to want to cook then what they have learned for their family ! Just good !


November is the month in the kitchen of the " change of season " let the summer products and sprouting mushrooms , cabbage, savoy cabbage, broccoli the first who will accompany us throughout the winter , fennel , radish ... TORRONE


Have fun trying new dishes , new decorations , dare to experiment!


Happy November to all