Since I started writing this blog has the arrival of a new year for me has taken on a particular flavor because coincides with the anniversary of birth of the blog.
Each passing year I am always more amazed and thrilled to see your affection demonstrated that following me more and more.
Here are the numbers of this year:
31 192 different visitors
91 679 number of visits
250 013 pages
2 446 886 accesses
In practice, the site is visited each month by an average of about 2550 different visitors and this fills me with happiness, a result that just did not imagine they can achieve.
I hope I can be of help and always remember that there are always small to clarify doubts about the recipes.
This year I have been given a nice gift experiencing the fateful midnight at the home of dear friends, with my husband and my children surrounded by cheerfulness and friendliness, good food and great wine were mates ...
Cook with, and love is the basis of everything, the secret of each dish, the essential element that accompanied the respect for food does fly away every chef.
Today I toast to you, to us, to our friendship "virtual", wishing you a happy 2015!