New Year !


This year is not really started for me in the best way but I'm sure the wind will change.

At home, it seems that all my children are restless, ( I hope to soon raise the "good " fruits ), I await the closing of school semesters , license exams , exams , some medical , some shopping in " balance " , I hope to be able to stay calm !


Something new will come for sure, I applied to participate in another culinary adventure that will take place in my city and I can not wait to get started. The nice thing is that this race will be pairs of chefs to compete in the kitchen and I attend with my friend , companion study in high school ... which makes me rewind just 30 years old! !





Two years have passed since I started this blog with you and I am really pleased with the progress , thanks to all of you who follow me with affection !


Zia Pia