Presented by the cold came in December , last but certainly the most joyous month of the year this year also brings with it the beginning of Advent, the time of " waiting " that will lead up to Christmas 2013.

At home you can breathe another air , little details , the first red candle ( symbol of the first Sunday of Advent ) turned on the tablecloth during Sunday lunch , the distribution to children of advent calendars , the beginning of more detailed cleaning of the house, the chores of children for the various markets of solidarity schools and parish , reveal that the countdown for Christmas has begun.

In my new kitchen odors , ginger, cinnamon , cloves , honey and cheerful voices of children resonate , because they prepare gingerbread cookies to decorate the tree , garlands of bread to be used on the Christmas table , and evidence of special dishes .


This year I want to find the time to try to make the cake , I know it is a difficult undertaking , but I'd love to at least try ...


A warm hug to all of you who so lovingly follow my mess in the kitchen


Good time of Advent


Zia Pia