My experience at GalleriadelgustoCirio

Dear friends, the invitation to the first edition of #GalleriadelsaporeCirio turned out to be a really good experience, why? Follow me ... 


I discovered a new product "Cirio" I confirmed the quality of the products under this brand and has allowed me to "create" a new recipe (we will discuss in more detail later) and saw the bond that has always joined to the Cirio Naples, my beloved city! 

I finally visited the new headquarters of Gambero Rosso (but do not tell anyone that I had not seen it yet!) That I found nice and cozy. In this sense, I would like to thank the girls who helped us with openness and concern in the kitchen! 


I admired the chef Luca Ogliotti the stove. 

I met Chiara Lorenzi and Mariachiara Montera, young women, but full of experience, good and happy with their work. 

I made friends with a lot of good food blogger Campania lovers of good food. 

I felt blessed to see the work of the "visual artist", 9Periodico Studio, a young man full of artistic talent. 

I enjoyed David Bellucca, young, talented and likeable photographer to whom I owe a thank audience because it taught me how to keep my camera ... (are denied in taking pictures ... but sooner or later I'm going to school with my friend Michele Del Vecchio!) .


I enjoyed the excellent savory and sweet food prepared for us. 

A final consideration ... 


In a time of "crisis" as this has been a joy for me to see that Italy is full of young talents who work seriously, with commitment but also with so much skill and joy! 


A big Thank Mariachiara Montera and Chiara Lorenzi who invited me to participate in this first edition of the Gallery of flavor. 


Do you want to know about my experience in the kitchen with the chef Luca Ogliotti? 

So bear with me and follow me again ...