As I like to learn! 


A few days ago I was in San Marco di Castellabate in my parents' house, when we received an unexpected invitation to dinner. 

During the excellent dinner of lamb (and lamb!) I met some special people who live in close contact with the earth and its products ... but there is nothing in advance because it is my intention to present them later on. 

During the conversation, one of the many speeches on food and raw materials, I said that I had to prepare some sweets for the birthday party of one of my son that was to be held a few days later. 

The next day, I received a gift basket full of white-shelled eggs. A show! 

And even more interesting was the explanation that followed ... 

Knowing that I had to prepare sweets gave me these special eggs that are called Leghorn and who have special properties suitable for use in their own bakery. 

These eggs, in fact, have a particularly yolk yellow (of course if it is operated incorrectly) that gives a great color to the pastry cream and fresh pasta, contain less cholesterol and the yolk mounted absorbs more air. 

Of course, I immediately "tried" sponge cake, cream, tiramisu came and delicious cake for my son's birthday was a success!