Who are

Hello! the passion for cooking and embroidery encouraged me to create this site, to be able to share what I do and to be able to have some good advice for improvement. I am married and have a life, you know, engaged in my role as a mother because I have six beautiful children (from mom I can not say otherwise ...)

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History of the project

How many times the eve of an important lunch or dinner I wanted someone to guide me with time and preparation techniques!
Those of you who have tried this desire (need)? who happened to notice the last moment you do not have an ingredient for cooking a meal? or not being able to organize your time, "the kitchen" with the preparation of the plates?
Now I have several years of experience built a little 'time between trips and falls (some satisfaction) but still are not satisfied, so I decided to use the internet! maybe I telling my recipes (which mine are not) receive some good advice because I know "that you never stop learning" (and do not even want to ...)
From this need was born this blog.
Thanks to all those who choose to be my fellow travelers!


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