April 2013


I could make this recipe thanks to my friend George , first told me about the " zest " made ​​by his sister Christian and then gave me oranges from her garden !

Of course, I got in touch with the Christian who explained to me the process ...


Candied peel oranges



Oranges untreated



a wire rack

plain chocolate




Carefully wash the oranges helping with a toothbrush properly cleaned.

We remove carefully peel the oranges, leaving even the white part and with a sharp knife derive many stripes.



 We put the skins in cold water. I recommend leaving them in the water , taking care to change it at least twice a day (morning and evening) for two or three days , so we will make soft . Once this phase scoliamole and pesiamole . We use the same weight of sugar and water. For example if the skins will weigh 10 g we will also use 10 g of water and 10 g of sugar .
Put all ingredients in a saucepan and let it simmer until the water begins to boil . Two minutes and turn off the skins with a lot of patience get up from the water and let's put them to dry on a wire rack.  Do not throw away the water with the sugar ! We repeat this process for about 3 times a distance of 12 hours, ( need to dry ) or in each case , until the water will be exhausted. The last time we should let them dry for about 24 hours , we have to make sure they are dry.  At this point we can either eat well or enrich them further passing into the melted chocolate . If you do not want opacizzino (? Do not know the technical term ) remember to temper the chocolate before using it !
Let them dry thoroughly before consuming .    



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