I looked at the TV when Luisanna Messeri brought this dish, I had some figs to eat and I immediately tried it ... Obviously it's a dish a distinctive flavor pairing " sweet and sour " does not like at all, but it's definitely worth trying , a novelty, at least for me!


" Pici " with almonds and figs




100 g of ricotta cheese from scratch

75 g almonds with skin

A dozen dried figs

2 fresh green onions

Extra virgin olive oil


Pici ( pasta type " spaghetti rolled up " ...)




We figs soak in a bowl with cold water. Let them for about 30 minutes , must soften.

Cut the onions and let's put them in a pan with olive oil over low heat.

We put the almonds in a frying pan, and then tostiamole , with a half-moon , cut them into small pieces .

We dry and cut into small pieces figs . We combine figs with onions, combine the almonds . We cook the pasta al dente , to finish cooking in the pan with the sauce prepared earlier. We turn good serve with plenty of grated cheese . 



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