There are some dishes that become difficult in their simplicity !

In the dishes so-called " simple" what is essential is the use of exceptional raw materials .

The dish that follows is surely known to all, but I thought I'd post it because it is the dish that always accompanies the evenings of the guys who too often believe they "know" and are not satisfied with the result . It is also very convenient for those who do not want to give up the taste but they are in front of the sad reality of " not having time " .


Spaghetti with garlic , oil and chilli




Spaghetti ( or vermicelli )

Oil extr . olive





These ingredients must be of the highest quality , the oil is not too strong.




Calculate about 2 tablespoons of oil per 100 g of pasta and one for the pot .

For example, for 4 people put 9 tablespoons of oil.

Pour the oil in a frying pan that can also contain pasta. We garlic, chilli ( for the amount we have to order our lives according to our taste and the type of pepper)




and one, two stalks of parsley. Rubella good garlic , taking care not to burn it. We turn off the fire and wait for the pasta to cook . We remove the garlic and parsley stalks from the pan, turn on the heat and add the pasta al dente . We put the pan on the stove , adding a little water if necessary cooking and lots of finely chopped parsley . We serve hot.