I love it in the kitchen vary and are always looking for new ideas. One day talking with a friend told me that her husband, Alfredo Cacciapuoti, prepared a delicious first course, "potato gnocchi with clams and zucchini flowers," but did not know how ...

Cyrus, a big fan of cooking friend advised me to add the clams also lupins, which have a stronger taste, so one night for a few unsuspecting friends to be my "guinea pigs" I made this recipe because it is that I propose to SCREAM !

The dumplings you can obviously get them, the recipe is already published or if you have the good fortune to find on the market ... buy them!


Gnocchi with clams and zucchini flowers 

1.5 kg of potato gnocchi
750 g clams
300 g of lupine
500 g zucchini flowers
A clove of garlic
Oil extr. olive
a chilli pepper

Spurghiamo well both clams and lupins. In separate pots we open the clams and lupins with a little olive oil.

We remove the shells of mollusks and could keep them in a bowl. We filter the cooking liquid of both pots and uniamoli.

We clean and well wash the zucchini flowers and coarsely asciughiamoli tagliamoli into strips about an inch. In a large frying pan pour a little oil, garlic and chilli (regulator according to your taste) and let them brown. Pour in half of the pan squash blossoms prepared in advance and saltiamoli quickly. Add a little of the cooking liquid of molluscs, heat it well, and we also add the shellfish flavor. Let's get cooking the dumplings, just go up to the surface alziamoli with a strainer and versiamoli in the pan, adding mantechiamo the remaining zucchini flowers and a handful of chopped parsley. 

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