This recipe is Sonia Peronaci, few are the changes I made, and is dedicated to all those who love the bread, respect him and have lots of patience!

Do not be fooled by the preparation that seems long, actually are so many things to do but very short time and easily reconciled between a walk and a nap!


                                    Bread "boor"- Pane "cafone"


Flour "0" about 170 g
"00" flour 450 g
Flour of durum wheat semolina 400 g
Mother Yeast 70 g
Salt 25 g
A bit of patience and lots of love for bread
I recommend you start the process around 13 ... to have a great bread the next day!


We put in a small bowl with the yeast 50 g of water,  mix well and knead all with 80 g of flour "0".   Let it sit for about 3 hours in a shaded, covered by a towel.After this time add 50 g of water,  dissolve the mixture add 90 g of flour "0" and rimpastiamo. Let it sit for about 3 hours.

Let the yeast mixture in the planetary using the "leaf" pour 300 g of water  and let melt at low speed, add the flour and semolina flour "00" alternating with 250 g of water in which we dissolved the salt. Finite ingredients and blended we remove the "leaf" to the planetary and we continue to work the dough with a "hook". Of course if you do not have the planetary we can work the dough with your hands and so much "elbow grease"! 

We put the dough on a work surfaceRoll out and still doing the folds, i Roll out the dough and fall back on itself..  Let stand for about 15 minutes and repeat the process, making it rest for another 15 minutes. We will now finally ready to form strands. Divide the dough into two equal parts.  Each part will work stretching out the dough and rolling it tightly on itself. Sprinkle semolina flour a clean cloth and adagiamoci the vein then riponiamoloin a loaf pan that will help us to shape. We place our lodgings in the fridge for about 10 hours.


After staying overnight pull the containers from the refrigerator and leave them for at least one hour at room temperature.For cooking rule you according to the size of the oven, I have the large oven and cook them at the same time, otherwise you have to remove from the fridge first one and then the other.

Meanwhile, we heat the oven to about 240 ° with the whole pan. We arrange the strands on parchment paper by making notcheswe slide the paper with the bread on the baking tray sprinkle a little water in the oven, close and cook for 20 minutes, lower the heat to 200 degrees and continue cooking for another 20 minutes, you will hear a delicious smell of bread! 

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