August 2013


Thank you!
This word expresses my gratitude to all of you who follow me, what are you waiting new recipes, that m'incoraggiate day after day.
This year I spent July in the city (of course in order to better serve the kids growing up and have other needs) I have prepared a few dishes that I had never tasted for my friends and I could not wait to share these recipes with you , but unfortunately I could not immediately because I had to turn my attention to a much bigger problem ...
I thought I'd introduce "August," with the colors of this fruit,


 and this vegetable ...


I have already written about , but it's stronger than me, when I see these colors reflected in these foods remain always in contemplation ... the sun , the earth , the sky, they give us very good products and colors with reflections that would escape even the most expert painter ...
Wherever we are, the city , the mountains , the sea can not miss for each of us the voice of the children happy , chirping birds and for the lucky ones singing cicada , crickets , the time to devote to a good read everything ... this is for me " August."
Instead I had to learn that there is also another aspect of the summer that I never thought ...
My fourth child of twelve year old fell and broke his left elbow and humerus , for a trivial fall had to deal with so much pain and stayed for a full 10 days in the hospital. We omit the details but what I learned is that in this period in which children should be incredibly fun carefree increase for them the dangers and above are the various arts to more damage . The craziest thing is that most of the kids get hurt because of trivial falls and not of reckless actions !
I leave only a few considerations with respect to our common interest : " The kitchen "
I learned how difficult relationship with food for these children who struggle with the pain , how important nutritious foods but propose " inviting " . I could see that most of the mothers in order to make their children eat does not hesitate to give them the most absurd things , at incorrect times only generating a vicious circle in which the child avoids systematically eat what they would do well ... actually a "no, " however difficult to say at times , it can do well , very well indeed .



Returning to lighter tones, remember that this month we can replenish our pantry of many preserves that will help us in the coming winter.
Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, artichokes, peaches, figs, pears ... will come back to cheer up even out of season our meals!